About Us

Tank- und Stahlbau Abersfelder was founded in 1963 by Klaus Abersfelder in Bad Brückenau. The company started small, but grew very quickly and in 1990 they moved the location of the company to the industrial area of Schondra – Schildeck.

The original production of oil tanks was then extended to other products in tank and pressure vessel construction, such as fire water tanks, pressure vessels, special tanks, heat exchangers, CO2 systems, etc. In order to be able to fulfill every tank request, the assembly of tanks directly on construction sites has also been made possible since then.

Then and now, we try everything to ensure that our customer comes back and not the product. With this attitude, the family business quickly managed to operate worldwide.

The success for the existence of the company is characterized by the following basic requirements:

excellent work

On-time performance

constant willingness to take entrepreneurial risks

firm commitment to commercial success

Success means safety!

For the existence of jobs as well as for our business partners.

We will gladly convince you with our many years of experience!

Our team of employees is also supported by a small office dog, a Jack-Russel lady named LOUI.